Edward MacDonald

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Bro. MacDonald is the Pastor of Faith Community Tabernacle. He does an amazing job of preaching, ministering, working on the building, teaching Bible Studies, counseling....  Praise the Lord for a TREMENDOUS Pastor!!!

He also heads up the Men's Ministries by teaching a Men's Bible Study, leading the Men's Prayer Group, and coordinating Men's Outings.

Bro. MacDonald heads up the Ministerial Staff and plans ahead for different speakers for the church or on special occasions

Music Director / District Women's Esprit President / Junior Sunday School Teacher

Lynn MacDonald

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Sis. Lynn MacDonald is the Music Director for the church, she schedules all the specials and sign presentations as well as teaches all the choruses and songs to the F.C.T. Praise Team.  Sis. MacDonald is also the head Praise Leader.

Sis. MacDonald is the pastors wife and sings specials.

She also teaches Sign Language class, Adult Signs class, and Rods.

Sis. MacDonald teaches the Junior Sunday School Class with Bro. Layton on Sunday Mornings.

Sis. MacDonald Also Head teaches the Children's Church Wednesday nights along with Bro. Nick, Sis. Layton, Sis. DeAnn.

Sis. MacDonald and the Music Team have been put in charge of the 5th Sunday Potlucks. 

Church Administrator / Sound Manager / F.C.T Praise Team (Bass Guitar)

Codie Malesker

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Bro. Malesker assists the church in all business aspects of the church. He also preaches.

Bro. Malesker is the Sound Manager and is Incharge of the Sound Department.

Bro. Malesker is on the F.C.T Praise Team And Plays The Bass Guitar.

Youth Sunday School Teacher / F.C.T. Praise Team

DeAnn Malesker

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Sis. DeAnn also sings alto on the Praise and Worship Team.

Sis. DeAnn teaches the Youth Class on Sunday Mornings with Sis. Lisa.

You will catch Sis. DeAnn cleaning the church by herself, mowing the lawns, painting, taking out the trash..... she loves God and she loves our church and we are blessed to have such a hard working in our midst!!!

Sis. DeAnn helps teach Children's Church Wednesday nights With Sis. Mac & Bro. Nick & Sis. Layton.


District Women's Esprit Secretary/Treasurer & Adult Sunday School Teacher

Cheryl Ochsner

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Sis. Ochsner is our District Women's Esprit Secretary/Treasurer.

Sis. Ochsner does a magnificent job teaching the Adult Sunday School Class.

She also blesses us with some wonderful specials!

F.C.T. Women's Esprit Vice-President/ W.E. Prayer Coordinator

Becky Achor

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Sis. Achor is the Women's Esprit Vice-President & Women's Prayer Coordinator

Every Sunday afternoon at 4:45pm  the ladies gather together for prayer.  Sis. Becky teaches us each week on a new topic of prayer and encourages us each week in a new area.   Sometimes we gather in a group and pray, some weeks we march, some weeks we lay hands on each other,....  Praise the Lord for praying women!!!


Youth Leader / Teen Sunday School Teacher / Bulletin Board Coordinator & F.C.T. Praise Team

Brittany Layton

Sis. Brittany & her husband Bro. Kirk have been elected are New Youth Leaders and head up the Youth Ministry. Once a month they schedule a Youth Service and a Youth Outing!!!  The Youth have an annual Hay Rack Ride, go to a Hockey Game, go sledding, go Ice Skating, laser tag and alot of other fun things.

Sis. Brittany teaches the Teen Sunday School Class. They love to sing, tell stories and do crafts!   Her room is always decorated in vibrant colors and lots of things pleasing to the students.

F.C.T. has a bulletin board.  Sis. Brittany changes the bulletin board, puts up interesting articles and upcoming events.  It is nicely done with backdrops and borders!

She is also a part of the F.C.T.  Praise Team, sings specials and is active in the Signs and Rods Ministry.

Sis. Brittany also teaches Children's Church with Sis. Lynn MacDonald & Bro. Nick & Sis. DeAnn on Wednesday nights.


Youth Pastor / F.C.T. Praise Team - Electric Guitar

Kirk Layton

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Bro. Kirk & his wife Sis. Brittany have been elected are New Youth Leaders and head up the Youth Ministry. Once a month they schedule a Youth Service and a Youth Outing!!!  The Youth have an annual Hay Rack Ride, go to a Hockey Game, go sledding, go Ice Skating, laser tag and alot of other fun things.

Bro. Kirk plays the Electric Guitar and is on the FCT Praise Team and sings specials.

Bro. Kirk helps teach the Junior Class with Sis. MacDonald on Sunday Mornings.

Bro. Kirk also is on the Ministerial Staff and Preaches on Youth Nights.


Childrens Activities Teacher / F.C.T Praise Team

Ken Sanders

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Bro. Sanders and his wife Sis. Sanders head up the Childrens Activities Class Early Sunday Mornings.

Bro. & Sis. Sanders do all kinds of fun activities like Puppet Shows, Coloring/Drawing Pictures, Singing, and the occasional activities that recqire some body movement.

Bro. Sanders is also on the F.C.T Praise Team and Ministerial Staff.

Childrens Activities Teacher / Assist. Nursery Teacher

Brenda Sanders

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Sis. Sanders and her husband Bro. Sanders head up the Childrens Activities Class Sunday Mornings.

Sis. Sanders also helps teach the Nursery Class ages birth to 5yrs old on Sundays With Sis. Brooke.

Media Manager/ Teen Sunday School Assistant

Matthew MacDonald

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Bro. Matt heads up the Media Department by working the Computer/Media Shout and Projector.  Matt fills in on the Sunday night FCT Praise Team.

Bro. Matt helps Sis. Brittany in Teen Sunday School Class on Sunday Mornings.

Bro. Matt is also on the Ministerial Staff and Preaches on youth nights and on special occations.

Music Assistant / F.C.T. Praise Team / Nursery Teacher

Brooke MacDonald

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Sis. Brooke plays the piano along with Sis. Mac on Sunday Nights and she is on the F.C.T Praise Team.

Sis. Brooke also teaches Nursery Class ages Birth to 5yrs old  on Sunday Mornings with Sis. Sanders.

F.C.T. Praise Team

Carol Marples

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Sis. Carol is  a  part of the FCT Praise Team, and sings specials in the church.


Website Administrator / F.C.T. Praise Team

Nick Jensen

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Bro. Nick is the Website Administrator.

Bro. Nick is on the F.C.T.  Praise Team  for Sunday Night Service, sings specials and is active in the Signs and Rods Ministry.

Bro. Nick also updates the website so no-one misses out on a great time at FCT.

Bro. Nick also helps teach Children's Church with Sis. Mac & Sis. Layton & Sis. DeAnn on Wednesday Nights.

Head Usher

James Marples

Jim is the head usher of the church, he also does repairs to the church if needed and is working on many projects for the future of FCT.

  November 2020  
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